Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice….

Ok…so I probably should have learnt by now to question everything and if it’s too good to be true then maybe it is. The guys selling tours out here are more than happy to mislead.

On Saturday at 4am we forced ourselves out of bed and into a minibus that would take us to see Indonesia’s most famous landmark, Borobudur. We paid equivalent of £5 to go and watch the sunrise at the Buddhist monument. However the bus stopped and we climbed up hill for 30 mins to watch the sunrise on a random hill that was just engulfed in clouds (the photos we attempted are just grey and dull. Afterwards they took us to Borobudor where we had to pay a further £15 to get in (we were not prepared for this!)

After the tiredness wore off and our purses had been emptied, we made the walk up to the top of the temple. It’s incredibly beautiful and amazing to think how it was created 1200 years ago and how well it has stood the test of time. Luckily we got there and took all out photos just in time before bus loads of school children turned up.

Borobudur is absolutely stunning, although in my opinion it’s not a scratch on Angkor Wat, but I guess that’s bad of me to even compare!

It was also a shame to see how much they’ve capitalised on its popularity by making you walk for a good 30mins through a market stall maze. Unfortunately it leaves a bit of a sour taste, as by the end you can’t wait to leave, and I’d never go back knowing I had to walk so much to exit

On the way back to Yogyakarta I provided the mini bus with plenty of entertainment after I fell asleep and In the process fell off my seat into the gap next to me hitting my head on the door. What a way to meet new people!



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