Settling back into life as a backpacker

As I mentioned before this is the third trip my backpack and I have made to South East Asia over the years but the culture shock is still the same when you land in a new city. We decided to start our trip in Yogyakarta (Jogja), Java which was definitely not the easiest starting point! Maybe we should have eased ourselves in with a nice beach spot!

It’s a relatively small city known for its culture and arts and is quite a popular base point to visit local tourist attractions. We could walk down streets and barely see a single westerner and my blonde hair definitely draws attention from the locals, kids were all vying for a photo with us. It’s crazy to think that seeing a westerner would excite them that much but they were all so sweet and just wanted to say hi. I tried to do my best Kim Kardashian impression

As for Jogja itself, once we got used to it and gathered our bearings it’s a very sweet city with great personality from its graffiti covered narrow streets, scooters and rickshaws weaving around children playing and huge amount of market stalls lining the pavements.



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