Welcome to my quarter-life crisis

I turned 25 on the 18th September. This was a hard day for me as I’m struggling to come to terms with the idea of being a grown up, and 25 just sounds so old!! I can feel 30 looming already.
However I’m trying to remain optimistic about it all instead of worrying about all the milestones that seem so far away still. As a good friend said to me “you’re in a great position in life where you only have you and your backpack to think about”. I have to agree I’m currently revelling in the fact that I have no stresses in my life right now and can enjoy each day as it comes.

Ok so that is proper soppy! My friends will be glad to hear that I spent my last moments of being 24 doing tequila shots at midnight and bar crawling Gili T until the early hours!

Steph treated me very well on my birthday, she bought me two bracelets and treated me to a nice lunch and a facial. For dinner we went for a BBQ on the beach at Scallywags, after getting ready and opening some birthday cards I bought with me in the pitch black due to a power cut on the island! The food and atmosphere were great, little pricier then what’s we’ve been used to but definitely worth it. We had hoped to stay up late enough to watch the start of the rugby World Cup which was on at 3am here. But we were just too full from dinner so retired to bed early, like the true granny I now am in my old age.

I also tried very hard to skype my family but unfortunately the wifi on this island is just not strong enough. Very sad that I haven’t got a chance to speak to them in person yet, but at least what’s app makes them never seem too far away and hopefully when I’m back on the mainland I can finally see their beautiful faces.

Birthday cocktails
Birthday cocktails
Scallywags BBQ in full swing
Scallywags BBQ in full swing
Sometime before the tequila
Sometime before the tequila

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my quarter-life crisis

  1. Belated Birthday wishes Robyn,we hope you had a lovely day.We are really enjoying your blog,and the photos and videos.We hope you and Stephanie are having an amazing time,between both of you we are pleased to see all of your photos.xx


  2. Hi Rob just got details of your blog from your dad.sat here browsing through them and enjoying your experiences with you. You both look well in spite of your hectic schedule-the photos look good-all your practice has paid off–the volcanoes looked spectacular -we are going out for an Italian tonight-the other side of the world from you Take care –love to both of you Gdad &Jacqui xxx


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