Snorkelling when you’re petrified of the sea is always interesting

Don’t get me wrong the ocean and what lives in it has always extremely fascinated me. After watching the blue planet as a child, I made it my ambition to become a marine biologist. That dream soon faded though when I realised I wasn’t good at science and hated even paddling in the sea. I always want to go for a little swim but as soon as the water goes past my knees, I run out. So when a few years ago I told my family that I wanted to go scuba diving in Thailand, they thought I was joking, but I proved them wrong and conquered the fear! See my fear is slightly irrational and more about not knowing what’s below me rather then the fish themselves. I scream at the sight of seaweed more then I do a school of fish. Once my head is under the water then I find snorkelling a very peaceful, enjoyable experience. It’s just a matter of getting in the water to start with.

So bearing this in mind, Steph and I boarded a very crowded boat to take us to four different snorkelling spots around the Gili Islands. Fair to say Steph looked a little shocked when I told her there was every chance I’d wimp out and not get in the water once. But I was brave and after jumping off the boat the first time and Steph reminding me to breathe, my head was down and off we went following our guide in the hope of spotting Turtles. Trying to swim through 30 set of flippers hitting you in the face to get the best view as the turtles came up for air was quite a struggle. We saw two different turtles peacefully gliding along the ocean floor, they were very cute!

Unfortunately I don’t think we went out on the best day as the sea was a bit cloudy and at times hard to see clearly. Steph also made the vital error on the third spot of the day (the one time I decided to stay safely on the boat) and decided to go without her flippers as they were annoying her. Fair to say she will never make that mistake again after struggling to keep up with the group and arriving back to the boat very out of breath!

The last spot on our trip was the best. We snorkelled above a large coral reef off Gili Air, where there was a range of all sorts of tropical fish. Again we struggled with the visibility and the sea was pretty choppy so not the easiest swim.

Sad to say that while we had a good day, it definitely wasn’t the best snorkelling I’ve ever done, there wasn’t huge amounts of fish or colourful coral to see. I’m glad I went and it’s always good to test my fear of the sea, just not the most exciting view! A little disappointed but at least we had a chance to fully test Stephs gopro.


Lunch/Sunbathing stop at Gili Meno
Lunch/Sunbathing stop at Gili Meno

The best coral pic we managed. Too cloudy to spot any fish!

A very exhausted looking boat on the way home
A very exhausted looking boat on the way home

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