I’ve mentioned before that the book Eat Pray Love has drawn a lot of tourism to Ubud, with lots of people coming to experience the spiritual side of Bali. It is possible to visit Ketut, the medicine man featured in the book/film but we’d not heard good things about going as it’s expensive and everyone gets the same teachings. Stephanie and I were genuinely interested in some spiritual healing, not just getting a photo with ‘that guy from that film’.

We did a fair bit of research as we were very aware there were lots of con men around trying to take our money to tell us that we will live for a hundred years. We visited the yoga barn in town and decided to book a therapy session with a lady called Jana. Obviously it’s an incredibly personal experience and while I’m happy being an open book, I think I’ll keep most the things she told me to myself. I know lots of people reading will be very sceptical and don’t believe in any of this, but it’s something that really fascinates me and I’m very open to the idea of it.

So much of what Jana said to me was incredibly true for where I am in my life right now. She read my cards which were largely related to starting a new life/journey, leaving negativity behind and being my own strongest resource. We then had a conversation about my fears and upsets and she talked to me about my inner energy and chakras. She mentioned how easily affected I am by other people’s energy and I need to meditate and strengthen my energy to block out negative people. The session finished with me lying on a bed while she lay crystals on me and burnt some sage to help clear out any energy that I have pushed aside and ignored. I genuinely felt waves of emotion come out and it was quite an unpleasant feeling that left me drained and emotional at the end.

I know people won’t believe me (mainly my dad) but I loved the experience and opening myself up the spiritual word. I think it’s something I’d like to explore further in the future and do some more reading into meditation and chakras to help strengthen my energy and become the best version of myself.

We continued our relaxing day by going for an aromatherapy massage and then an evening yoga class back at the yoga barn. It was probably the biggest yoga class I’ve been in (maybe 50 people) but it was really good with the breeze blowing through the studio as we focused on our breathing and our downward dog. Now if we could just ignore all the Mosquitos attacking us…

Our time in Ubud has come to an end as we are heading back to the beach today. We have absolutely loved our time here and it’s all felt very peaceful, healthy and spiritual. We’ve not had a single alcoholic beverage in 5 days!






4 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. Looking good robyn. I’m glad all of my yoga sessions with you in Mallorca have set you up for a new way of thinking. And don’t forget if it’s all about the Buddha then I’ve got the belly for it.


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