Sometimes we like to spend our evenings just driving around

After leaving Ubud, we came to Jimbaran on the Bukit peninsula to see out our last few days in Bali before making the move to Australia. It’s a bit of a funny place really and we’ve figured it’s not best suited to us. The whole of the Bukit seems very resort based and a little on the pricey side. Unlike anywhere else we’ve been, it’s not possible to stroll out of the hotel and find a decent restaurant. We’re staying right on Jimbaran bay which is famous for all the seafood restaurants on the beach, it’s just that we don’t have the money to afford them. So if you’re not driving yourself, then really you have to get a taxi to a specific restaurant or resort as there doesn’t seem to be a central area where many places are based. For our first day we went down to the beach which was beautiful and very quiet, apart from some massive crabs! At 4pm we hired a taxi man to take us to Uluwatu temple to admire the views and watch a Kecack dance at sunset. The temple wasn’t really much to see, but the scenery and the cliffs were incredible. The Kecack dance was so fascinating and mesmerising to watch. There is no band, the music comes from a chorus of 30 men (like a Balinese version of ‘Pitch Perfect’). Throughout the dance there were three dancing girls and a series of interesting panto style characters to add a comedic element. The amount of disrespectful audience members was slightly infuriating, there was lots of talking going on and the amount of people leaving early was just embarrassing, especially at the end when they finished by praying. As for the sunset…we seemed to continue our bad luck as it was cloudy and not exactly the best! But it didn’t really matter as we’d enjoyed everything else.

After it finished we got back in our taxi and asked him to take us to a restaurant I’d read about that was only 15 minutes away. I showed the taxi driver the map (which in hindsight I don’t think he could read) but he called his friend to find out and set off. After 30 minutes of driving in the wrong direction we checked with him and he was still happy he was going to right way. Until 20 minutes later and a call from his friend had him hysterically laughing only to turn around and drive 45 minutes back to the restaurant. Then the main road was closed so we had to drive a massive diversion. Despite leaving Ulutlwatu at 7pm, we finally arrived at the restaurant two hours later only to discover it was closed. So off we went, back in the taxi for another 45 minutes to just go and have dinner in our hotel. What an absolute failure of an evening!




2 thoughts on “Sometimes we like to spend our evenings just driving around

  1. A taxi driver with your sense of direction!! You should have got his name to warn your blog readers!!!

    Beach jump very impressive Rob. How many shots did that take?!


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