Weekend Escape

As a fresh batch of Australian football players arrive in cairns for a weekend of crazy parties, we thought it best to get away for the weekend. We hitched a ride with our new mate Charles and headed up to Port Douglas for a couple nights. We stayed at United Backpackers, and while it’s more expensive then staying in Cairns, it was such a lovely hostel and finally Steph and I get to sleep in the same room. Port Douglas is about an hour north of Cairns and is a proper holiday resort town. Lots of pretty scenery, cute restaurants and cafes and it’s all so clean, feel a bit like we’re on the set of Stepford Housewives.

Our original plan when we arrived early afternoon was to head to a German beer festival by the marina, but the backpacker budget wouldn’t stretch to 20 dollars for a stein so we headed to the bottle shop in town and had a few beers in the park instead. You know how it goes, one leads to two which leads to ten and despite leaving Cairns to avoid the nightlife, next thing you know it’s 1am in the local bar. Although still a much calmer night then partying with hoards of 20 year old Aussie boys.

cutest little church
took her a while to get comfy
Blaze, the hostel dog

Next morning we headed out for a surprisingly good English breakfast in a cheap roadside cafe to help cure our hangovers before heading for a stroll around the weekly arts & crafts market and through the town. After a £2.50 dominos for dinner, we settled in by our hostel pool for movie night and free popcorn.

morning stroll through the market
no garlic and herb dip. but cant complain about a 5 dollar pizza
movie night: Paper Towns. wouldn’t recommend

On the Monday, before getting out bus back to Cairns we headed to 4 mile beach where we spent the day lying on 5ft 4inches of it. I learnt the hard way that Australia sun is stronger then anywhere else I’ve probably been. I’m now the unfortunate owner of a red face, awful sunglass masks and a blistered nose.

look I’m a tree

Back in cairns and we checked in to a new hostel, Global Central. Definitely not as nice as Gilligans, tiny dorm rooms and Steph and I were both on top bunks which shook like an earthquake every time the person below made any movement. Monday evening was spent at the salt house which is a lovely bar by the marina that offer 4 dollar drinks on Monday nights. Starting to know Cairns a little too well now and overstayed our welcome, looking forward to leaving in a few days.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Escape

    1. I took us a long while to warm to Cairns but we’ve seen some good place and it’s a good base for many of the activities we fancied….and we have enjoyed the night life! Much preferred PD as a place, it was just a little pricier than Cairns for our budget to stay for longer than the weekend. Next is Mission Beach, any tips?

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      1. Cool are you working your way down the coast? Mission beach is nice and great to skydive or just chill out. On the way you’ll pass a croc farm that is a highlight as they have lots of other animals there and know where to find wild casolories… Very rare bird but stunning. Magnetic island was my next favourite stop which is just a little further down… Have a great time and check out my blog when you have a sec


      2. Cool I have done that trip a few times and travelled the majority of the tourist routes in Australia so if you need any advice feel free to ask always happy to help a fellow adventurer. I think my highlight of the east coast was Fraser… Although I did recently remember how fun airline was too but as you sai overstayed my welcome too. I’ll follow u now and look forward to your posts


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