I think I’ll stay out of the sea

With lots of time to kill in Cairns and the sun finally being our friend, we figured out the local bus timetable and headed up to Palm Cove for a chilled day at the beach. Luck was on our side as the ticket machine on the bus was broken so we got a free journey! Palm Cove is another lovely holiday resort town and the beach was nice and quiet. Being a little on the red side still, I pitched my area in the shade of the trees while Steph continued in her mission to become a different race several feet away. The beaches here are slightly different from being in Spain as the crocodile and stinger warning signs constantly remind you! There’s lifeguard swimming areas marked, but given my fear of the sea anyway, I think I’ll stick to the sand. Don’t fancy my chances against a croc. I know the trick is to run in a zig zag, but I’ve never fully understood this as like the crocodile, this is not a skill of mine and I wouldn’t get very far!
After a little picnic lunch of chicken and cheese sandwiches, we went and watched the fisherman on the pier for a little while. We decided to treat ourselves to an afternoon ice cream with the money we saved on the bus before heading home for a chilled night at the cinema. We went to see the Martian with Matt Damon, was brilliant and would highly recommend!




2 thoughts on “I think I’ll stay out of the sea

  1. Amazing Photos! Keep it up Robyn! Btw, do visit my blog too at asianbackpacker.wordpress.com P/s: let us continue inspire more people to travel.


  2. Photos are looking good and lots of sunshine which is good. Surely all that nightlife is improving your ‘walking in a zig zag’. You just probably don’t remember the next day!! 😉


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