Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

Next stop down the coast is Magnetic Island, just a short ferry ride from Townsville. We stayed at Base backpackers, which is the party hostel on the island and we’re glad we did. We soon realised everything is quite far from each other and there’s no nightlife spot so Base is the best place to go for a drink. Handy that it’s on our doorstop then. The feel of the hostel was a bit like a campsite in the way it was laid out and even more so then mission beach, we saw a lot of wildlife. There were several large birds hopping around the place and possums hanging around by the bins. Pretty scary seeing basically a giant rat when you go to the toilet in the middle of the night. After a chilled few days it was nice to be back partying and the advantage of only being able to drink in the hostel made it much easier to meet new friends as you’d see the same people every night.

One day we did the cliche Maggie island backpacker thing and rented a barbie car. This has become such a renowned thing to do here and although I’m not entirely sure why, it was nice to be able to drive around and explore ourselves. Having not driven for nearly two years, it was a good feeling to be behind a wheel again. We had such a fun day driving the quiet roads, wind in our hair and beautiful views ahead. First stop was to Horseshoe bay for a sunbathe and swim in the stinger net area, after that we went to Alma Bay for another bask in the sunshine.


horeshoe bay swimming area

Alma Bay


The only problem with getting the barbie car (or topless Moke as its technically called) is there quite a few roads you’re not allowed to drive, so to get to some of the other bays we had to park up and trek down a hill as the 4×4’s drove past. After that we went to go see and feed some rock wallabies. They were super cute! There was even a mum with a baby in her pouch. Sweet!

wading through a stream to reach some quieter bays

eating straight from the food bag


As the sun started to set we headed back to horseshoe bay to a bar which claimed ‘the best sunset on the island’ only to discover you couldn’t see a thing as the sun set on the other side of the island. So after a schooner we headed back to the hostel for another night of drinking. This was the moment we realised the car had no lights, was a very hairy ride home in the dark!


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