The time a lizard pooped on me

One of the things on the Aussie bucket list is to hold a koala so that was the plan for the day. We got the bus up to horseshoe bay to the wildlife centre. In a group of maybe 20 tourists we were shown and offered the chance to hold many different animals. It surprised me how many people passed up the opportunity to hold the animals but Steph and I were always first up. I never realised before but I really like lizards, they’re so weird and cool and yes one did decide to poo all over my hand.

steph trying to have a conversation with the parrot
feeding a parrot from my mouth
the cheeky lizard in question

Holding the koala was saved until last. She was called Belle and was younger than some of the others they had so was but fidgety. She was so cute and fluffy to hold it felt like holding a little baby.


At the end of our wildlife tour, we were told we could join in with the feeding of the parakeets. This was one of craziest moments I’ve had so far. Walking into the trees with soggy bread in our hands and they suddenly flocked to us, sitting on our heads, shoulders, bags. They were pretty painful too, they really dug in with their claws when they were sat in our hands nibbling the food.

birds flocking to me


how romantic


captain jack sparrow

After a failed attempt at sunset the day before, we figured out where the sun actually set and went for a walk to Picnic Bay to watch the sunset from the end of the pier.
Apparently word spread fast about me feeding birds as the next day at breakfast just as I was served my eggs Benedict, a bird swooped down, hit me in the face and took off with my bacon.

finishing off the day in style



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