A Hells Angel Kinda Day

It took us ten hours on a night bus to go back in time. Not literally, but our next stop is the town of 1770, Agnes water. It’s a tiny little place with not a lot going on apart from yet another beautiful beach (not that I have a problem with that). We were staying at a hostel called Cool Bananas where we witnessed some incredibly stereotypical backpacker scenes. As there’s nowhere to go everyone just chills in the hostel listening to the Swedish guy singing along to his acoustic guitar in the campsite. It got a little annoying after the first ten songs and countless Ed Sheeran covers so Steph and I retired to the lounge watching back to back DVDs. Unfortunately when the only thing to do in a town is go to the beach, and the sun decides to hide, there’s not much else to do!

On one of sunnier days we signed up for the Scooter Roo tour. So in the midday heat we put on our jeans, rented leather jackets and donned several temporary tattoos to drive around on a mini chopper. The idea of me riding something with two wheels probably fills people with fear after a dodgy experience in Thailand five years ago, but I was surprisingly good. They started us off with a practice run of riding in a circle until we got dizzy and I managed to stay upright and within the cones, winning! Steph on the other hand… Let’s just say she’s lucky they let her on the road after spending hours going round and round and still not perfecting the brakes or steering. After some ‘attitude’ posing we climbed onto our bikes for the afternoon and headed out around the town. At this point I made sure I was several bikes ahead of Steph as I value my life. Granted for 75 dollars you don’t really see huge amounts, it’s more just about driving a bike and pretending to be a rock star for the afternoon. I loved it! After several hours being on a tiny little vibrating scooter, it’s fair to say I had one numb bottom and Steph has some seriously bruised legs from clinging to her bike a little too tight.

The trip was also our first experience of seeing kangaroos. It was mental, we were driving through a ranch and there they were just hopping along at the side of the road. Two of them even decided to jump across the road right in front of Steph. Miraculously she managed to stay on her bike, turns out she can drive. This happened soon after I told her we wouldn’t see anymore kangaroos so not to bother filming on her GoPro. My bad! It was such a surreal experience seeing them, almost like I was star struck or like seeing a unicorn. You hear about them and see pictures of them but it was crazy seeing them up close. They are such funny animals and much bigger than I expected.

getting our tats on

practice lap. (spot a struggling steph in the background)


nervous much?


trying to pretend that we’re not innocent surrey girls

last minute checks


tea break


2 thoughts on “A Hells Angel Kinda Day

  1. So glad you survived!! Try not to get any ideas about trying it in the big cities, for your mums piece of mind. You both looked the part though. Hope the tats washed off. Xxx


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