It’s not very sunny on the Sunshine Coast

Well at least in wasn’t on the one full day we had in Noosa. We came to Australia at this time of year thinking it would be constant sunshine every day, but it’s been surprisingly stormy! We only booked to stay in Noosa for a couple nights as the hostel was quite a bit more expensive then other places down the coast. I would have happily stayed loved to stay longer though as the hostel was great and the town had a great feel to it. We arrived early afternoon and headed straight for the beautiful beach before grabbing some bubbles and calamari as an afternoon snack in one of the sweet boutique bar/restaurants near sunshine beach. That night we headed out for some dancing and drinks. The bars were pretty naff but we had a great night regardless. Steph managed to find herself a girlfriend who didn’t quite get that she wasn’t exactly Stephs type.

the only photo from our messy night in noosa

The next morning after a hangover cure at subway we went for a little wonder around the streets. Noosa is definitely for the rich!! Saw some absolutely amazing houses. There doesn’t seem to be many planning restrictions compared to England though as every house look so different to the next, lots of interesting architecture going on. I’d happily live here if I ever had the money!
The plan for the day was to go for a walk round the coast in the national park in the afternoon once it was a little cooler. But about 20 minutes before leaving the heavens opened and started a major storm that didn’t stop until the next morning. So we had a night in with fajitas and Harry Potter. Bit of a waste of a day as our only full day in Noosa.

The alarm was set for 6am in the hope we could squeeze in the walk before our next bus. However after waking up to the storm still raging we re set the alarm for 9 and headed back to sleep. Waking up at 9 revealed the storm had cleared and the sun was out. We packed up and checked out as quick as possible to try and do the walk, however the walk takes three hours and we only had two before having to catch our bus. So we started to walk as far as possible before having to turn around and go back. The third of the walk that we managed was stunning, absolutely gutted we didn’t get to do it all! But catching the bus, as boring as it sounds, was more important then a picturesque walk.

the view after a 200 step climb

view down to alexandria beach (a nudey one)

the walk starts at sunshine beach and goes tound the coast to main beach. we only made it as far as the purple pin



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