Fleeting stop in Brissy

We’d not heard great things about Brisbane and many people had told us not to even bother going. So with that in mind, we only gave ourselves 20 hours to explore the place. I actually got a great vibe from it. It could just be because I’m a city girl at heart and it was the first city we’d been to in a long while after a string of little beachy towns. It was refreshingly nice to be in a busy place with lots of buildings and people everywhere!

We went for a leisurely walk around the centre, past the city hall, the university and the botanical gardens. Then down to the river for a stroll, spotting boats and skyscrapers in the distance. It doesn’t have the most modern feel to it, feel a bit like I’m in a 70s New York gangsta film. Along the river there was some lovely bars and restaurants and a lot of super healthy people running and cycling everywhere. After a classy drink at one of the riverside bars and a greasy burger somewhere in town, we were off to bed. It was Sunday, so not in the mood for a night out and didn’t seem to be much going on.

In the morning we had a few hours to kill before our next bus journey, so headed into town for a spot of retail therapy. About time!! There was even a Topshop for us to enjoy, although it wasn’t a scratch on the London stores. After a couple months of wearing the same few clothes it was such a good feeling hitting the shops, even if our bank balances didn’t allow any purchases. Some of my English friends had told me Australia shopping had little to be desired, but right now I disagree.


Ibis – the Australian pigeon


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