The deceiving name of Surfers Paradise

You’d be mistaken for picturing surfers paradise just based on its name. I naively was picturing a small beach town with amazing beaches, waves and surfers everywhere. In fact in our four days I’m not sure I even saw one surfer, and it’s definitely not my idea of paradise. Possibly the best way to describe it to my fellow Englishmen, is its a bit like a nicer Benidorm. Being on the Gold Coast means there’s a lot of sky scrapers around and it has a cheap holiday feel to it with the layout and style of the shops and restaurants. It’s quite a nice place, nothing that special or different about it, but has everything you’d want for a holiday. It’s also quite a nighttime clubbing town, so our first night we headed to the Beer Tavern which felt like an old mans working club with overpriced, watered down drinks and too bright lighting. Fair to say, it wasn’t the most fun evening of our trip! We experienced some better bars during our time there.

The next day was spent chilling around the town and visiting the beach before retiring to the hostel. We were staying at down under hostel, which was pretty decent as far as they go with a good location. However it was full of ‘long termers’, basically people who work in surfers and live in the hostel. So they all know each other and aren’t that welcoming of new people and take over the place like it’s their own house. In a big 12 bed dorm, it was hard to find anywhere to walk let alone put your stuff.

As big theme park fans, Steph and I got a week pass to spend at what I believe is meant to be the best theme park in Australia, dreamworld. Without this sounding like a completely moaning blog, the park had nothing on any I’ve been to before in the UK or America. We were a little disappointed by the lack of thrill rides and roller coasters. That’s not to say we didn’t have a great day, and that I didn’t still get nauseous. The following day we went to waterworld as part of our ticket. Now this was more like it! One of the best water parks I’ve been too, the slides were great fun.

Our theme park tickets also allowed us entry to the Q1 Sky Tower viewpoint, this was pretty a spectacular view as we watched day turn into night, fighting the Chinese tourists for the best window spot.

Surfers was also where we decided to go for a nandos. We’d been warned that it wasn’t anything compared to English nandos and sadly this is true. Of my usual order of butterfly chicken, creamy mash and halloumi, none of this was on the menu! It’s more of a takeaway restaurant over hear and it just isn’t as good. Fellow pommies, don’t waste your time, Australia has much better to offer!

Contrary to how it may sound, we did have a good time in surfers but I was happy to leave after four days and I wouldn’t plan to come back anytime soon. Good thing as the schoolies were arriving the following week!





Steph and I after a night on the town



4 thoughts on “The deceiving name of Surfers Paradise

  1. Hi Rob
    Great pics. Beginning to get worried -9 days since your last blog
    Thanks for the birthday card-i’m thinking of coming across to join you for my late life crisis.
    Have a drink with me on the 10th


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