I’m dreaming of a white (sandy) Christmas

I seem to have let my enjoyment (*cough* laziness *cough*) get the best of me recently and the blog posts have been lacking! Apologies! Those of you close to me know that I finished my east coast trip a month ago now and have since got a flat and a job in Sydney, and I will go back to finishing those stories soon but I’ve decided to side track and talk about something a little more recent…
I have a confession to make, I am a big Christmas lover. I’ve been caught listening to Christmas albums in July before and have normally finished all my shopping before I’ve even opened the first day of my advent calendar. Fair to say that my first Christmas away from home and my family, was always going to be a struggle. It wasn’t even until mid December that I finally managed to buy an advent calendar, and even then the chocolate was so disgusting, it’s still sat unfinished on the coffee table. Maybe it’s because it’s hot and light until 8pm, but it just doesn’t feel very festive over here, apart from the carols in the supermarket. There’s not nearly enough lights, decorations or Christmas window displays for my liking! But then it’s always going to be hard to beat Christmas shopping on Oxford street in London. Nothing will ever beat my wonderful Christmas’ back in England.

With that in mind and everyone of the same opinion, it’s like an unspoken rule that if you can’t be at home then do something completely different. If you try and replicate a traditional roast dinner Christmas, you will fail and cry over the lack of presents and family. So on Christmas morning, I was woken up to a glass of prosecco and the smell of bacon and pancakes wafting through the flat. After getting ready and opening our presents to each other it was time to FaceTime the family. It was still Christmas Eve, but they watched as I opened the ASOS parcel they sent me! Thanks heavens for online shopping and worldwide delivery! Although having spent two years working at asos and getting a delivery at least once a week, nothing made me miss home more! Donning my new necklace, I said goodbye to Allie and Steph as they had other plans and headed to my friends house. Walking in was when it suddenly felt like Christmas with their matching pyjamas, stockings, decorations, pile of presents and snowy scene on the TV. Can obviously tell they’ve been here a bit longer than me!

a suprising amount of presents!


Christmas morning face time with Daddy


Perfect Christmas scene

After some more prosecco and rushing Laura and Jen to get ready (those girls are the worst for being late!) we headed to bondi beach. After a rainy few days and the forecast not looking great, I’m pleased to announce it was the sunny Christmas we’d dreamed of.

The day was then spent basking in the sun, drinking beer (and hiding it from the cops), playing ball games, listenin to music and hanging with friends. Tom even managed to drag me the furthest I’ve been in the sea since being in Aus, right up to my waist!

the gang, of which i know about 4


Jen, Laura and I

it gets hot sunbathing in a santa hat

Once the sun had set we headed back to the house and the boys started up the BBQ. It was an insane feast! Lamb, steak skewers, pigs in blankets, roasties, salad, asparagus, dips, a cheese plate… After coming round from my food coma, I snuck off from the party for a quick face time to wish my family a merry Christmas and watch them open some presents. I probably should have rejoined the party but the bed looked too comfortable so I stayed there until the morning.

my family with the present I sent them. its almost like I’m there


looks like mummy got spoilt!


always hogging the wine…


BBQ feast with my pals


Boxing Day, despite serious rain, we headed to Randwick races as it was free to international passport holders. We had an enjoyable day of drinking, chatting and not a lot of watching the races or betting. Another thing that’s very different in Australia is most companies actually close between Christmas and New Year so with a week and a half off work most of my time was spent either at the beach, shopping or drinking with friends.

all dressed up for the races

Although very different to the Christmas’ I’ve become accustomed to, it was such a lovely few days surrounded by friends.


2 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a white (sandy) Christmas

  1. Very good blog Robyn,we have missed reading them! Sounds like you all had a really good ,but different Christmas.Happy New Year!x


  2. Glad to see you are back blogging. On the other hand you could have warned me that terrible photos of me might appear!!! What a sight!! Missed you but glad you had a good time. Skippy wasn’t as talkative or as good at charades! Looking forward to your New Year blog as no photos of me at least! Xxx


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