The best fireworks in the world

This is probably just a fact I’ve made up, but Sydney fireworks must be some of the most famous as one of the first countries to see in the new year. It definitely did not disappoint! After a lot of umming, ahhing and googling of the best free place to watch the fireworks we decided to follow Laura’s pack of friends and head to Balmain. We were at the back of the bridge with an incredibly clear view. We arrived early to set up our picnic and sneakily drink some alcohol to watch the ‘kids firework show’ at 9pm before really getting in to the party spirit for the main show and seeing in 2016 in style. It was blooming amazing! By far the best firework show I’ve seen and incredibly surreal to be there after seeing them on tv for so many years. One thing you don’t realise until you’re there, is how many fireworks there are. Obviously there’s the incredible show on the harbour bridge but they also have identical fireworks going off at the same time at several points down the river so you can see them anywhere.


I’m going to apologise now for some shoddy photography work. Fireworks are not the easiest thing to photograph, especially after vodka and leaving my camera on the wrong setting. But I couldn’t write a New Years blog and not include any, so here is the best of the bunch! Luckily you will have all watched them TV so I don’t need to stress too much about mis-representing an amazing show.


As for my resolutions… Well I haven’t specifically made any as who know what I’ll be doing this year and what my life will be like or even what continent I will celebrate 2017 in. I’d love to get fitter as always but I’m not going to promise that to myself! So I guess very loosely my resolution is to make the most out of 2016, meet new people and try new places and experiences. I don’t want to go home next Christmas and have any regrets about not doing something or putting myself out there. As a painfully fussy eater, I always like to start eating at least one new food every year. 2015 was the year of mushroom and avocado, I’m thinking maybe peppers and courgettes for 2016, but will have to wait and see what I can stomach!

first selfie of 2016 (one thing we won’t be giving up!) Here’s to an amazing year with my partner in crime

Soppy bit over!….can I go back to talking about drinking?!

Back home New Year’s Day would typically be spent lying on the sofa watching dodgy TV and eating a bacon sarnie. However NYD is a bigger deal here and possibly more celebrated. We’d hoped to go to Field Day festival, but our empty bank accounts meant a party in Manly instead. This was my first trip to the other side of Sydney and it’s just a short windy ferry ride away. Didn’t venture particularly far into Manly as we were going to Manly Wharf hotel, right next to the ferry point. It was a beautiful view sat at the bar with our prosecco and nachos as the sun set over the wharf. Perfect start to 2016!




6 thoughts on “The best fireworks in the world

  1. The photos came out well. This year the fireworks in London were amazing. Probably the best I’ve seen them do. Not quite the same watching on TV as being there but looked good.
    Can’t believe it’s taken you so long to get out to Manly. That ferry ride is good, best view of the bridge. Does it run for the fireworks?
    You and Steff have amazingly brown legs.


  2. One for your bucket list Robyn. Pictures look amazing. Weather looks better than I expected. Need some pictures of all this rain you keep talking about. One resolution for you….. how about at least one blog a week!!! Xxxxx


    1. Haha, OK being a better blogger was a bit of a secret resolution!
      Unfortunately rain doesn’t make the prettiest pictures! Another storm coming this weekend, so will go and take some just for you!


  3. Brilliant photos Robyn,and another good blog! What an experience watching the Sydney New Years Eve fireworks!You are both looking very well and tanned.xx


  4. belated happy new year–only just been able to get your blog.Thanks for the birthday and christmas cards.Your mum and dad were here for the weekend. We are going to Dubai in march and hopefully we will meet up with you then.Your firework photos reminded us of when we were in Sydney when they celebrated the Queen ships being in the harbour together.
    Take care lots of love xxx


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