Long haired, bare footed, weed smoking, yoga doing, guitar playing Byron hippies

After some up and down weather in Byron Bay, one afternoon it was a clear sky and we decided it was time to finally check out the famous light house. We set off at 5 for the coastal trek up to the lighthouse. It’s not desperately far but boy is there a lot of steps!! The scenery along the coast was so beautiful though and worth the sweat. This is also a very well known walk for dolphin spotting and no matter how long and hard we looked, there was nothing to see! Everyone we’d spoken to had seen loads when they’d gone to the lighthouse. So at this stage I’m thinking we just repel dolphins and it’s clearly not meant to be!
Up at the top and a quick discussion about how they keep it so white we settled on a bit of grass to watch the sunset before walking the shorter route back to town before it got completely dark.




There’s not huge amounts to do in Byron compared to many other places we’ve been. One of the popular trips is to the nearby town of nimbin which we were going to do but couldn’t really figure out why it was so popular and what you do there. Finally the pin dropped after speaking to some locals, it’s a pretty town but primarily everyone goes to be proper hippies and stickup on weed. We decided our time was better spent on the beach, much more suited to our tastes!

After a week in our lovely hostel (backpackers inn on the beach), we had to move to a new hostel due to a new influx of schoolies taking over ours. So we checked into the arts factory lodge for a couple nights. We’d heard lots of good stories about this place, and it’s even where parts of the inbetweeners 2 movie was filmed. Fair to say we were disappointed. The room was small and hot, the kitchen was rank and lacking equipment, and everyone staying there was just annoying and a bit too ‘peaced out’ for our liking. The best thing about it was the lake/swamp it was set on was full of lizards, my new favourite animal.

Anyway at this point we were looking forward to leaving the backpacker life for a bit and being working girls in Sydney!

Byron Bay was one of our favourite places and so nice to spend 10 days there to really get to know the place and absorb the atmosphere. I’ll definitely be coming back one day, even if just to try the amazing Mexican we never got around to visiting
Bye bye East Coast, it’s been fun!


One thought on “Long haired, bare footed, weed smoking, yoga doing, guitar playing Byron hippies

  1. Brilliant photos Robyn,looks like quite a trek to the Lighthouse ..but worth it!
    Shame about the dolphins.
    You were both very sun tanned,Stephanie looking sad at leaving Byron Bay.xx


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