Being a tourist in my new home town

I have a confession, it took me a whole month of living in Sydney to actually see the opera house. Shameful! I was lucky enough to get a job within a week of moving to Sydney, but this meant I’d forgotten about being the backpacker I was meant to be and settled straight back into working life! It was time I finally did some tourist things…
One sunny weekend we took a ferry from Rose Bay to Circular Quay to catch a glimpse of those famous sights. What an incredible way to be able to travel, relaxing on a boat in the sunshine through a beautiful city!
This sounds awful, but I was a little disappointed at the Opera House. It was much smaller and less white then I’d always imagined. Nonetheless, still a beautiful architectural building that soon became one of my favourite (and most photographed) sights in Sydney. After taking several hundred photos from every possible angle, we settled for a few drinks at Opera Bar to soak up the sunny afternoon in the city we now call home. Afterwards we went for a stroll round the corner to an area called The Rocks (probably my fav part of Sydney) with its old school styling, cute market and bars with a view!


The following day, and thanks to more beautiful weather, we packed up two cars with a food and friends and took a little trip to Wattamolla beach in the Royal National Park. After hitching a ride rather than walking the three miles from the car park to the beach, we arrived for a spot of sunbathing, swimming and jumping off rocks before heading back a little redder than we arrived.

I’m just going to use this as an excuse to introduce some more friends to my blog they may pop up now and again. My best friend Laura and a group of her friends from home have lived in Sydney now for roughly 18months and was one of the big attractions to move here. After not seeing her for nearly two years, it was quite the epic reunion and provided us with a lovely bunch of friends to spend our free time with.



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