On the Road to Darwin

After an interesting trip to Ayers Rock and the surrounds we continued our tour with a two day trip to Darwin. There’s not much plan for this trip and it’s predominantly driving. We traveled with the same company and most of the group is the same as before but we do have a different driver – Jason. Despite Jason being the manager/owner of Mulgas Adventures, he doesn’t exactly make the best tour guide. Wish we’d had Lachlan again!

After a few too many bottles of wine the night before, Steph and I only just made it to the bus before it left, meaning we did draw the short straw with the seats. I spent most of the next two days sleeping, so can’t say I was particularly bothered. Other than a few pit stops to view some rocks and waterfalls there’s not really much to say about the trip to Darwin.

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Half way through the 1500km trip we stopped at Daly Waters Pub where we spent the night. One of my favourite places ever! It’s everything you’d expect from an outback pub and it’s so busy! Food was pretty sub-standard but the atmosphere, décor and music were amazing!  Unfortunately I was too wrapped up in the evening to take any pictures apart from one of my new favourite band – Lou Bradley.

13244740_10156942685635230_8735686132942733462_n (1).jpg

We had originally only planned to stay in Darwin a night, but extended to spend a little longer with new found friends and give us the opportunity to see a little more of the area. Darwin is a pretty average small city, with everything you need on one small strip. It’s also incredibly hot with temperatures well over 35 degrees – and this is the cold/dry season! For our one full day, we rented a car with a couple other English girls and headed to Litchfield National Park where we spent the day hitting up the many waterfalls where we swam as long as there were no crocodile signs! It was beautiful! Like many times this year I found myself in a place I’d never heard of and never expected to visit, but absolutely loved and would highly recommend! After a dodgy drive back (What?! I’d never driven automatic before!) We headed straight to Mindil Beach where we watched the sunset over the croc infested waters before heading to the night market for a feed.







3 thoughts on “On the Road to Darwin

  1. Just coz it says no crocs it doesn’t mean no crocs. They can walk between places. You can’t trust those Aussies and their signs so don’t do that again!


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