Broome Broome!

Steph and I visited Broome with our new work friend Tori while we were on a five day break from work. We took the ten hour drive (apparently that’s a perfectly acceptable distance to drive in a day in this part of the world) and were so excited to arrive at a beach after a long time of just red dust. Broome is lovely, it has that real relaxed beach holiday town atmosphere. We were even on the bus when the driver stopped and waited to let a passenger run into his house, pick something up and get back on the bus. Perfect example of one thing they are well known for: ‘Broome Time’. We spent our few days there enjoying the good weather, the beaches, matso’s beer and the moon – even if we did have to leave a few days before the ‘staircase to the moon’ (google it, looks incredible). 

The best thing about this part of the country has to be the sunsets. We’d seem some incredible ones whilst working but the Broome sunsets were just as pretty but rather than seeing them whilst cleaning dishes, we enjoyed them sitting on the back of the Ute parked on the sand, beer in hand, while the sun dropped behind the ocean. Pure bliss! 


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