Wine and Wheels in Perth

Initially we had plans to go to Monkey Mia after Exmouth to see the dolphins and shell beach, but after a lot of research it was becoming so expensive as we didn’t have a car so eventually decided that we couldn’t afford it and our money was better spent elsewhere. So it was off to Perth on another horrible 16 hour bus! We arrived at 6am and bearing in mind it was the middle of winter so bleeding cold while we lugged all our stuff 15 minutes down the road to our hostel! We spent the first day very overtired and delirious while we explored our new city and planned our next few days at the information centre.

Activity one for our Perth stay was a day trip to Rottnest Island. A little hungover from our night in an irish bar, we headed to the ferry for an hour and a half tour down the Swan River over to ‘Rotto’ as it’s known by locals to collect our bikes for the day. We had a good few hours there to cycle round and discover the many stunning beaches (if only it was a little hotter so we could go for a dip!) and admire the cute Quoka’s everywhere. Rottnest was such a highlight of the West coast. It’s such an amazing, beautiful place to visit and I would love to come back one day in the summer months!

Rotto Resident

Qute Quoka

Activity two from Perth was a tour to a wine region. We were looking at going to Margaret River but after realising it was too far away to do in a day, we booked a tour with ‘Out n About’ wine tours to the Swan Valley region. Only six of us were doing the full day tour with another 10 or so joining us later in the day. The full day was definitely worth the few extra bucks as the first winery – Lancaster – was by far the best and served us the most delicious Chilli Cheese ever! By 10am and after ten or so (large!) tasters we were feeling a little tipsy already, good sign for the day. After that I stopped taking note of what wineries we went to, but there were four more stops including lunch and a trip to a chocolate shop for more free tasters. I’ve always been happy with the cheapest wine in the supermarket, and while I don’t think I’ll immediately change a habit of a lifetime, I feel like I matured my pallet and started to understand what I like. Surprisingly the reds are growing on me, but just keep the desert wines away from me please, gross!

our kind of glass!
last winery of the day…sums up the day!


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