Lots of Love-o for Freo

Most people we’d spoken to about coming to the West Coast and Perth mentioned that the highlight was the town of Freemantle. After five days in Perth we hopped on the train for a short journey to ‘Freo’ where we checked into our beds in the prison. Before you start panicking family, Steph and I hadn’t suddenly succomed to a life of crime, rather one wing of the old Freemantle prison has been turned into a hostel. One of the coolest and most modern hostels we’ve stayed in yet!

prison or hostel?
Freemantle is a very cool, young, hipster town with plenty of bars and restaurants. To best discover this town we bought tickets for a night of live music in five different pubs around the area, perfect way to explore when you’re only here for a short time. We also popped by the famous and absolutely massive Little Creatures brewery for a private tour and tasting session with the very eclectic bar manager. Afterwards we stopped for fish and chips by the marina, well it’d be rude not to! As we were there over the weekend we managed to head to the local market every day for a browse, before continuing our daily hobby in WA of drinking and eating.

On our last day, we headed back to Perth ready to fly back to Sydney, but not before one last explore of the city with brunch at a cute café and heading to do one of the most rated things in Perth, a trip to Kings Park. It was a lovely sunny Saturday and as we arrived there was a massive crowd of people. Thinking we’d stumbled across some exciting event we sped up to see what was going on only to discover that despite the incredible view of the skyline, everyone had their faces planted in their phones playing that stupid Pokémon game. This was our first realisation about how big a this game was, witnessing all these fully grown adults walking alongside their children aggressively swiping at their phone screens. It was mental! I’ve never seen anything like it, and changed our peaceful stroll around the park to something a bit more comical. The park however was stunning, with such beautiful views over the city and the river. After a long day of walking, it was time to rest our heads and feet as we boarded our flight to Sydney for the last couple months of our trip.


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