Long haired, bare footed, weed smoking, yoga doing, guitar playing Byron hippies

After some up and down weather in Byron Bay, one afternoon it was a clear sky and we decided it was time to finally check out the famous light house. We set off at 5 for the coastal trek up to the lighthouse. It’s not desperately far but boy is there a lot of steps!! The scenery along the coast was so beautiful though and worth the sweat. This is also a very well known walk for dolphin spotting and no matter how long and hard we looked, there was nothing to see! Everyone we’d spoken to had seen loads when they’d gone to the lighthouse. So at this stage I’m thinking we just repel dolphins and it’s clearly not meant to be!
Up at the top and a quick discussion about how they keep it so white we settled on a bit of grass to watch the sunset before walking the shorter route back to town before it got completely dark.




There’s not huge amounts to do in Byron compared to many other places we’ve been. One of the popular trips is to the nearby town of nimbin which we were going to do but couldn’t really figure out why it was so popular and what you do there. Finally the pin dropped after speaking to some locals, it’s a pretty town but primarily everyone goes to be proper hippies and stickup on weed. We decided our time was better spent on the beach, much more suited to our tastes!

After a week in our lovely hostel (backpackers inn on the beach), we had to move to a new hostel due to a new influx of schoolies taking over ours. So we checked into the arts factory lodge for a couple nights. We’d heard lots of good stories about this place, and it’s even where parts of the inbetweeners 2 movie was filmed. Fair to say we were disappointed. The room was small and hot, the kitchen was rank and lacking equipment, and everyone staying there was just annoying and a bit too ‘peaced out’ for our liking. The best thing about it was the lake/swamp it was set on was full of lizards, my new favourite animal.

Anyway at this point we were looking forward to leaving the backpacker life for a bit and being working girls in Sydney!

Byron Bay was one of our favourite places and so nice to spend 10 days there to really get to know the place and absorb the atmosphere. I’ll definitely be coming back one day, even if just to try the amazing Mexican we never got around to visiting
Bye bye East Coast, it’s been fun!


The deceiving name of Surfers Paradise

You’d be mistaken for picturing surfers paradise just based on its name. I naively was picturing a small beach town with amazing beaches, waves and surfers everywhere. In fact in our four days I’m not sure I even saw one surfer, and it’s definitely not my idea of paradise. Possibly the best way to describe it to my fellow Englishmen, is its a bit like a nicer Benidorm. Being on the Gold Coast means there’s a lot of sky scrapers around and it has a cheap holiday feel to it with the layout and style of the shops and restaurants. It’s quite a nice place, nothing that special or different about it, but has everything you’d want for a holiday. It’s also quite a nighttime clubbing town, so our first night we headed to the Beer Tavern which felt like an old mans working club with overpriced, watered down drinks and too bright lighting. Fair to say, it wasn’t the most fun evening of our trip! We experienced some better bars during our time there.

The next day was spent chilling around the town and visiting the beach before retiring to the hostel. We were staying at down under hostel, which was pretty decent as far as they go with a good location. However it was full of ‘long termers’, basically people who work in surfers and live in the hostel. So they all know each other and aren’t that welcoming of new people and take over the place like it’s their own house. In a big 12 bed dorm, it was hard to find anywhere to walk let alone put your stuff.

As big theme park fans, Steph and I got a week pass to spend at what I believe is meant to be the best theme park in Australia, dreamworld. Without this sounding like a completely moaning blog, the park had nothing on any I’ve been to before in the UK or America. We were a little disappointed by the lack of thrill rides and roller coasters. That’s not to say we didn’t have a great day, and that I didn’t still get nauseous. The following day we went to waterworld as part of our ticket. Now this was more like it! One of the best water parks I’ve been too, the slides were great fun.

Our theme park tickets also allowed us entry to the Q1 Sky Tower viewpoint, this was pretty a spectacular view as we watched day turn into night, fighting the Chinese tourists for the best window spot.

Surfers was also where we decided to go for a nandos. We’d been warned that it wasn’t anything compared to English nandos and sadly this is true. Of my usual order of butterfly chicken, creamy mash and halloumi, none of this was on the menu! It’s more of a takeaway restaurant over hear and it just isn’t as good. Fellow pommies, don’t waste your time, Australia has much better to offer!

Contrary to how it may sound, we did have a good time in surfers but I was happy to leave after four days and I wouldn’t plan to come back anytime soon. Good thing as the schoolies were arriving the following week!





Steph and I after a night on the town


Fleeting stop in Brissy

We’d not heard great things about Brisbane and many people had told us not to even bother going. So with that in mind, we only gave ourselves 20 hours to explore the place. I actually got a great vibe from it. It could just be because I’m a city girl at heart and it was the first city we’d been to in a long while after a string of little beachy towns. It was refreshingly nice to be in a busy place with lots of buildings and people everywhere!

We went for a leisurely walk around the centre, past the city hall, the university and the botanical gardens. Then down to the river for a stroll, spotting boats and skyscrapers in the distance. It doesn’t have the most modern feel to it, feel a bit like I’m in a 70s New York gangsta film. Along the river there was some lovely bars and restaurants and a lot of super healthy people running and cycling everywhere. After a classy drink at one of the riverside bars and a greasy burger somewhere in town, we were off to bed. It was Sunday, so not in the mood for a night out and didn’t seem to be much going on.

In the morning we had a few hours to kill before our next bus journey, so headed into town for a spot of retail therapy. About time!! There was even a Topshop for us to enjoy, although it wasn’t a scratch on the London stores. After a couple months of wearing the same few clothes it was such a good feeling hitting the shops, even if our bank balances didn’t allow any purchases. Some of my English friends had told me Australia shopping had little to be desired, but right now I disagree.


Ibis – the Australian pigeon

It’s not very sunny on the Sunshine Coast

Well at least in wasn’t on the one full day we had in Noosa. We came to Australia at this time of year thinking it would be constant sunshine every day, but it’s been surprisingly stormy! We only booked to stay in Noosa for a couple nights as the hostel was quite a bit more expensive then other places down the coast. I would have happily stayed loved to stay longer though as the hostel was great and the town had a great feel to it. We arrived early afternoon and headed straight for the beautiful beach before grabbing some bubbles and calamari as an afternoon snack in one of the sweet boutique bar/restaurants near sunshine beach. That night we headed out for some dancing and drinks. The bars were pretty naff but we had a great night regardless. Steph managed to find herself a girlfriend who didn’t quite get that she wasn’t exactly Stephs type.

the only photo from our messy night in noosa

The next morning after a hangover cure at subway we went for a little wonder around the streets. Noosa is definitely for the rich!! Saw some absolutely amazing houses. There doesn’t seem to be many planning restrictions compared to England though as every house look so different to the next, lots of interesting architecture going on. I’d happily live here if I ever had the money!
The plan for the day was to go for a walk round the coast in the national park in the afternoon once it was a little cooler. But about 20 minutes before leaving the heavens opened and started a major storm that didn’t stop until the next morning. So we had a night in with fajitas and Harry Potter. Bit of a waste of a day as our only full day in Noosa.

The alarm was set for 6am in the hope we could squeeze in the walk before our next bus. However after waking up to the storm still raging we re set the alarm for 9 and headed back to sleep. Waking up at 9 revealed the storm had cleared and the sun was out. We packed up and checked out as quick as possible to try and do the walk, however the walk takes three hours and we only had two before having to catch our bus. So we started to walk as far as possible before having to turn around and go back. The third of the walk that we managed was stunning, absolutely gutted we didn’t get to do it all! But catching the bus, as boring as it sounds, was more important then a picturesque walk.

the view after a 200 step climb

view down to alexandria beach (a nudey one)

the walk starts at sunshine beach and goes tound the coast to main beach. we only made it as far as the purple pin


Battling storms and sands on Fraser Island

We woke on the Monday morning to start our 3 day 2 night trip to Fraser Island, to the most torrential rain. Even the shortest walk from our dorm to the shower got me soaking wet. This could be interesting.
At 7am our group of 34 all huddled together out of the rain to meet our tour guide Brett who gave us a little pep talk about how it was going to rain all day, we would get very wet and we were going to enjoy it anyway. It would have been nicer to wake up to the sun shining, but I guess that would be boring and I didn’t pay to go on this trip to sit in the shelter sulking. So we had to just embrace it.
The trip was with Pippies Beach house and is a 4×4 tag-along tour, meaning Brett drove the lead vehicle and everyone in the three following cars swapped drivers regularly. We were in the first car with Brett and not the most lively eight other backpackers.
Fraser is the largest sand island in the world so a lot of the trip was spent battling our way over the beach, probably some of the best bits of the trip were looking out at the scenery from the cars and trying to spot dingos. Dingos are a protected animal in Fraser and can be dangerous so you’re warned to keep away. Not a problem for me, just looks like one of the foxes near my old flat in London.

The first stop was Lake Mckenzie, a beautiful massive lake with silica sand and incredibly clear water. Even in the pissing down rain it was lovely. Much to the enjoyment of everyone else, one of the Swedish genuinely had her umbrella up whilst standing in the rain….quite the ironic image! After a lunch break of ham wraps, we went for a little stroll around the rainforest and Brett told us stories of the island and the Butchella (local aboriginals on the island). After another drive across the beach we went to the Maheno shipwreck for a lot of jumping photos and trying hard to keep warm. The shipwreck has been there since 1935 after 30 years of service in the war and as a cruise liner.

stormy times at lake Mckenzie
clear stream over sandy ground in the middle of a rainforest

do we look cold?


all those years at dance school coming in handy

After finally succumbing to the wet and cold conditions, we were back in the cars to the campsite. The rain had made the tracks pretty muddy and hard to drive. One girl nearly managed to turn her car after trying to fight through the mud as we all looked on in horror. Safe to say, she didn’t drive the car again after that! Back in the campsite and the drama continued as we arrived to find the roof of the kitchen had completely collapsed in. Brett had spent the last few days working on the campsite, so this put him in a pretty foul mood as he tried to do a botch job and make the roof stay up. It was actually a really nice campsite and the tents were on a floor and under a canopy so despite all the rain, managed to stay completely dry. The hardest bit was the five minute walk to the shower through deep mud. I think we came back from our shower dirtier then when we went in. The French boys volunteered to cook us all a lovely BBQ dinner while we all had some beers, played card games and got to know each other. Just a shame that no matter how many clothes we put on, we just couldn’t warm up so everyone retired to bed pretty early.

As we lay in the tent the next morning listening to the rain, me and Steph were not too happy. Wasn’t until we bothered to leave the tent and saw the sun and a running tap we were buzzing for the day ahead. Finally sun!!! After another muddy walk up to the shower we were off for the day. We started at the champagne pools which is a little area where the ocean fills a hole created by the locals back in the day to catch fish. Today it’s just a lovely spot to be able to go in the water as your not allowed in the sea in Fraser anywhere else due to the strong current and sharks. We spent our time clamouring on rocks and spotting crabs and jellyfish. Next stop was a climb up some rocks to the top of a cliff to look over the beautiful island and listen to Brett tell us some more stories of the island. After a pit stop back at camp and more ham wraps for lunch, we headed to a little stream which I cannot remember the name of. We went for a gentle ride down stream in some rubber rings then spent some time playing games with everyone and having a little sunbathe. Last stop of the day was to a tea tree lake, which was lovely once you got over the brown tea colour and frothing. I spent a good twenty minutes splashing my face with it trying to heal my skin and get rid of my spots. It didn’t work.

experienced just a few brake downs on the trip
Champagne Pools

steph and her new crabby friend
that is a small jellyfish on my shoulder

mmmm tea

Back to the campsite for a spaghetti bolognaise dinner and more drinking. Throughout the whole trip there was a bit of a food war going on, with every group thinking the other groups were eating too much and not leaving enough for everyone. I didn’t manage to have breakfast once as it was gone as soon as it was put out. Everyone was in high spirits as there was no rain, so much more partying for our second night. We went for a walk down to the beach, with our dingo sticks in tow just in case any decided to attack us, and spent some time lying on the sand staring at the stars. I’ve never seen such a beautiful starry sky before it so many stars at once. Unfortunately I have no photo evidence but it was the most incredible sight, and I even saw three shooting stars.

For our final day we packed up our stuff and headed back on the road, or more accurately the beach. Finally it was Steph’s turn to drive, god help us all! In fairness she had one of the toughest drives of the trip so far as it was through lots of soft sand and a stream. There were some very nervous passengers! Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to drive as my licence is still on its way from England. We went for a little walk through the rainforest to some amazing sand dunes and yet another lake. Steph went for a roll down one of the sand dunes, but I didn’t fancy picking sand out of my teeth and hair for the next few days so just her to it. After another lunch of ham wraps we headed back on the ferry to Rainbow Beach. I don’t want to see a ham wrap for a long time.


watch out steph is at the wheel


filling it up. petrol is so cheap over here!

Back in rainbow the weather took a turn for the worse so our one full day in rainbow beach was primarily spent on wifi in the hostel and playing with their cat.


captain Pippy


A Hells Angel Kinda Day

It took us ten hours on a night bus to go back in time. Not literally, but our next stop is the town of 1770, Agnes water. It’s a tiny little place with not a lot going on apart from yet another beautiful beach (not that I have a problem with that). We were staying at a hostel called Cool Bananas where we witnessed some incredibly stereotypical backpacker scenes. As there’s nowhere to go everyone just chills in the hostel listening to the Swedish guy singing along to his acoustic guitar in the campsite. It got a little annoying after the first ten songs and countless Ed Sheeran covers so Steph and I retired to the lounge watching back to back DVDs. Unfortunately when the only thing to do in a town is go to the beach, and the sun decides to hide, there’s not much else to do!

On one of sunnier days we signed up for the Scooter Roo tour. So in the midday heat we put on our jeans, rented leather jackets and donned several temporary tattoos to drive around on a mini chopper. The idea of me riding something with two wheels probably fills people with fear after a dodgy experience in Thailand five years ago, but I was surprisingly good. They started us off with a practice run of riding in a circle until we got dizzy and I managed to stay upright and within the cones, winning! Steph on the other hand… Let’s just say she’s lucky they let her on the road after spending hours going round and round and still not perfecting the brakes or steering. After some ‘attitude’ posing we climbed onto our bikes for the afternoon and headed out around the town. At this point I made sure I was several bikes ahead of Steph as I value my life. Granted for 75 dollars you don’t really see huge amounts, it’s more just about driving a bike and pretending to be a rock star for the afternoon. I loved it! After several hours being on a tiny little vibrating scooter, it’s fair to say I had one numb bottom and Steph has some seriously bruised legs from clinging to her bike a little too tight.

The trip was also our first experience of seeing kangaroos. It was mental, we were driving through a ranch and there they were just hopping along at the side of the road. Two of them even decided to jump across the road right in front of Steph. Miraculously she managed to stay on her bike, turns out she can drive. This happened soon after I told her we wouldn’t see anymore kangaroos so not to bother filming on her GoPro. My bad! It was such a surreal experience seeing them, almost like I was star struck or like seeing a unicorn. You hear about them and see pictures of them but it was crazy seeing them up close. They are such funny animals and much bigger than I expected.

getting our tats on

practice lap. (spot a struggling steph in the background)


nervous much?


trying to pretend that we’re not innocent surrey girls

last minute checks


tea break

Sailing the Whitsundays

The main topic amongst travellers down the East Coast is ‘have you done the Whitsundays yet?’, ‘when are you doing the Whitsundays?’ and ‘what boat are you going on?’ Finally it was our time to board the boat with 25 other backpackers that would be our home and family for the next two nights. There must be hundreds of boats that do a Whitsundays tour as everyone you ask seems to do something different. We were on Avatar, operated by Oz sail which is a Trimaran and one of the biggest around. It’s such a beautiful sail boat and the main reason we picked this trip over any others.

After checking in at the office in town, we organised all our clothes into Stephs backpack and stopped by the bottle shop before lugging it all for 25 minutes down the marina. In hindsight 8 litres of goon and 20 cans of cider was a bit too much. For those who aren’t aware of goon, its essentially super cheap boxed wine (£6 for 4 litres) and it’s a necessity for backpackers.

At the harbour we were issued with our stinger suits, boarded onto the boat and shown to our room. Room is a loose term, we had to climb through a hole straight onto our 4ft bed, but at least it’s the first private room we’ve had in Australia! Unfortunately the weather was a little miserable on the first day but once it had cleared we raised the sail and headed out to the first snorkel spot of the trip. Honestly I wasn’t too impressed, visibility was poor and there wasn’t much to see. After a lovely dinner cooked by one of the crew and a few drinking games to get to know our new friends we had an early night ready for a busy next day.

our lovely boat


raising the sail

We woke at 6am and got ready to head to Whitehaven beach, often called the best beach in the world. It was absolutely stunning! I’ve been to some exotic places in my life and seen some beautiful beaches but nothing like this before. It was massive and the images don’t do the beauty of it justice. The sand has the highest level of silica in the world and for that reason was super soft, like walking on flour. We also used it to exfoliate so we were super soft to match. Steph cleaned her teeth with it but I think I’ll stick to Colgate. Whilst having a paddle we spotted a few sharks and sting rays swimming around us.  

helping to exfoliate Steph’s face

After three glorious hours spent on the island we were back on the boat for the second snorkel spot of the trip. This was much better then yesterday and we saw a turtle! Despite Stephs best attempts she didn’t manage to get the ultimate turtle selfie, but we got a pretty amazing video. We also swam along the drop off where all the best fish live. It really did look just like finding nemo. The third and final snorkel spot was the best. I’ve never seen so many fish, they were swarming around us in a whole array of shapes sizes and colours.          

After a fun packed day we celebrated with some more drinking. As it was our first goon experience, we struggled a little and rather pathetically were some of the first to retire to our rabbit hutch.
The next day we simply sailed back to Airlie beach enjoying the sun and the view.


After getting used to being back on still land, eating breakfast, checking in and a long nap we headed for a night out with our new boat buddies. The next couple days we spent chilling around Airlie beach town and lagoon. Other than the Whitsundays, the lagoon and a good night out, there’s not much to do here. We went for a little stroll to the marina which is lovely with some nice looking more restaurants and cafes. It was also the Melbourne cup which is a much bigger deal over here then I realised. Despite being miles from Melbourne, so many people were fully dressed up for functions in most of the restaurants and hotels in town. We didn’t manage to watch any of it but it was funny watching everyone walking round town in their hats and heels.